Message from the CEO

Patrick CATHALA, CEO and founder of the AURES Group

Patrick Cathala

“The AURES Group has a strong character, marked by a love of risk-taking, an appetite for entrepreneurship and a pioneering spirit. Set up in 1989, the Group’s initial public offering 10 years later aimed to consolidate its international development. This was followed by a period of disruptive innovation, which broke with outmoded market conventions. AURES launched the first designer EPOS terminal, combining mix and match colours with cutting edge technology. This heralded the end of dreary cash registers. EPOS terminals now harmonize with point-of-sale decor and are part of companies’ image. We’re present in over 50 countries.”
- interview published in “Points de Vente” magazine in November 2015.

Dear Partners, dear Customers

Over the past 27 years and more, many of you have shown your trust in and loyalty to AURES.

I am mindful that, without you, AURES would not have become what it is today and I should like to thank you on behalf of our group. During that period, the small SARL AURES has become an internationally-renowned group, thanks to the design aesthetics and the quality of its point-of-sale (EPOS) terminals.

In 2005, when we equipped our Odyssé point-of-sale terminal with interchangeable colour clips to match the style and brand identity of stores, we anticipated the demand for more colour-coding, with almost all of our competitors now confirming our approach. 

In early 2012, we decided it was time to continue the adventure and we acquired the J2 Retail Systems Group, whose head office is located in the United Kingdom. The AURES Group is now positioned as one of the leading global manufacturer of POS terminals and systems, with a consolidated turnover of nearly €77 M in 2015.

Early 2013 was another important step for AURES, with the launch of Sango; once again, we  demonstrated our ability to design products that are radically different but which meet real market requirements. The fluid and light design of the new EPOS was recognised by all customers and received prestigious international Awards, the IF Product Design Awards, the Red Dot Awards 2013 and the 2014 “Observeur du Design” label, together with the Chicago Athenaum Good Design Award.

We then introduced Ninô and Yuno, some new EPOS which progressively replaced the oldest products in our former AURES range; all have now proved strategic and popular worldwide.