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Exclusive styles of POS Hardware and equipment by AURES

AURES POS hardware, styled like no other

The systems and equipment developed and manufactured by the AURES Group are the result of 27 years’ expertise and experience in the retail sector, most specifically at the point-of-sale.

The AURES POS concept emerged from an observation: latest POS technologies simply don’t go far enough, however advanced they may be.  

Retail chains and leading brands increasingly demand choice not only in terms of hardware functionality but also of design, aesthetics and use of colour – so that image and corporate identity are not lost at the point-of-sale.  Long neglected, these elements are key components of today’s immersive retail marketing environment.

Thanks to the AURES POS concept, the POS and its technology have now become an integral component of store décor.  They play a valuable part in reinforcing and differentiating brand at, arguably, the most critical stage of the retail process - fulfilment and purchase.

Pos design

AURES’ strategy is to design and manufacture EPOS hardware that is remarkably different but which meets real market's, customers' and users' requirements.  The first example of our ability to innovate through design was the launch of the Odyssé POS system in late 2005.

Since then, AURES' creativity has been acknowledged by a number of Awards bodies, including IF Product Design Awards (late 2012), the Red Dot Awards 2013 (early 2013), together with an “Observeur du Design” label Award and a Good Design Award from the Chicago Athenaeum Design Museum (2014).  All recognised the innovation that the Sango concept represented.  Their juries, international design leaders, praised the design aesthetics, lightness, and robustness of this new EPOS, which – exceptionally – frees up space under the touchscreen.

Pos colour

With the launch of Odyssé in 2005, the AURES Group established itself as the first EPOS manufacturer to provide a full palette of colours for its terminals, in order to match the store décor and the brand identity of its clients.  Since then, EPOS systems in multiple colour combinations have remained a key element of AURES product design and creativity.

POS Technologies

An optimal blend of contemporary design and state-of-the-art technology lies at the heart of the Group’s strategy. The AURES product range offers the very best in POS and mobile PC technologies, integrating for example the latest generation of powerful motherboards and processors (such as INTEL i5 Skylake, etc).

USB 3.0 ports are available, giving users many benefits including improved connectivity and up to ten times faster transmission speeds. Touchscreens are ultra-flat and edgeless (zero bezel), allowing PCAP technology, multi-touch applications and LED backlighting.

Contactless Multi-Technology readers and 1D & 2D barcode scanners are available; they can be external or integrated into all AURES equipment, for improved ergonomics, modularity, ease of use and point-of-sale efficiency.

With the use of SSD in standard (Solid State Drive), AURES EPOS equipment has become even more reliable and secure. Maintenance has been simplified too, thanks to easily accessible motherboards.

Eco Credentials

The AURES Group, which designs and manufactures point-of-sale systems and terminals, is fully aware of its environmental responsibilities. The entire lifecycle of AURES’ equipment has been designed to reduce our environmental footprint and comply with current legislation. On average, AURES hardware uses over six times less power than a new-generation flat-screen LCD television!

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