KAUFLAND relies on AURES POS Technology

November 09, 2018

KAUFLAND relies on state-of-the-art technology 
with innovative POS systems from AURES Technologies.

KAUFLAND now offers a completely new shopping experience thanks to a brand new store concept. Their revamped supermarkets are much more impressive with their new elegant high-quality environment, brand image and decoration.

Modern colours combined with light wood and a new lighting concept create a pleasant atmosphere. As a result, KAUFLAND now reveals its strengths even more in terms of quality, choice, freshness and pricing.

The latest state of the art technologies have been deployed in all branches; from innovative air-conditioning composite technology to quick charging power stations with green electricity for e-cars and e-bikes. Efficient LED lighting and refrigeration units with glass doors have also been installed, that allow energy savings and reduction of CO2 emissions.

Cost factor at the POS: maintenance, repair, cleaning

AURES Technologies was successful in KAUFLAND's tenders for the European market, thanks to its compact all-in-one YUNO POS systems. Above all, the important factors for KAUFLAND to make their decision were the significant decrease in monthly service costs per terminal, as well as a quick return on investment. The calculation of the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) with all acquisition, energy expenditures, as well as repair and maintenance costs, was very convincing.

Durability, quality & high service level

Whereas KAUFLAND previously used modular POS systems, the new AURES compact all-in-one solution also modifies the perception of the brand image at the POS. In addition to the many economic benefits, the architecture of the YUNO is also a major “plus”. "We really like the YUNO concept. Slim design, robustness and above all easy accessibility to all components. This also has an effect on the service process, which is safer and faster with the new AURES terminals" explains Sven HOMES, Head of IT at KAUFLAND Information Systems. "We prioritise fast response times and reliability from our partners".

Everything in one hand:  EPOS, peripherals and services

Since 2017, AURES Technologies has been supplying YUNO and its associated peripherals (scanners, printers and also servers) to KAUFLAND.

"This POS system is actually maintenance-free, as the system is fanless and dust & dirt resistant; it is an extremely reliable hardware", explains Axel GASSEN, Chief Strategic Sales & Channel Management  D-A-CH at AURES Technologies, about the compact solution; “bottom line, it is a very economical solution for our clients. The reduced service costs are a clear benefit; and moreover, the YUNO simply provides the best looking design at the POS”.



KAUFLAND is a leading grocery chain from Europe and a subsidiary of the SCHWARZ Group, the world's fourth largest retailer. From their humble beginnings in Germany in 1984, they have grown to now operate almost 1,300 stores with 78,000 employees across seven European countries.

 Their stores are full service supermarkets that offer a wide range of products across all price categories – from premium to budget. They are offering a one-stop-shop meeting place that covers people’s everyday needs. Not only does this mean that they aim to provide the widest variety of local, regional and international produce and products, but their stores also include mixed retail space that can be used by other businesses. KAUFLAND is built on the pillars of simplicity, quality, variety and price.

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