The famous French Name in the world of women’s luxury fashion and accessories.

"We are very satisfied with the IT POS roll-outs at ANNE FONTAINE" says  Dany ZRIHEN, Senior Account Sales Engineer at AURES Technologies; 

"The confidence of such a brand, which is a reference in the world of fashion thanks to its unique positioning, the quality of its products and the durability of its fundamentals, reinforces our ability to position AURES in the segment of Textile Retail - High end fashion".

Indeed, Maison ANNE FONTAINE, a famous French Name in the world of women’s luxury fashion and accessories, has decided to overhaul its entire POS IT system and is currently installing SANGO POS terminals in its  international shops.

Launched in 1993, the brand was first famous for its iconic white blouses and shirts ; at the heart of its AND, this major and timeless piece in  the women's wardrobe has become the emblem of its know-how.

As part of complete migration of its multi-site POS management system, which involves 60 stores in France and abroad, ANNE FONTAINE has started installing the AURES Group's SANGO terminals, which operate thanks to a new CEGID software platform.

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