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AURES' full range of POS Cash Drawers

New Generations of Cash-Drawers by AURES

AURES is a major supplier of cash-drawers, offering a full range of complementary products, dedicated to all types of shops, points of sale and service, from the smallest to the largest outlets, whatever the sector.

The very compact 3S 333 cash drawer offers fine exclusive AURES design and excellent quality finish; it has been developed to meet the space saving requirements at the sales counter.

With its elegant shiny “black piano” front side and its small dimensions (335 x 110 x 350mm), the peripheral creates the perfect match with any 15 inch EPOS system or touchscreen, especially the SANGO and the YUNO terminals for example, combining aesthetics, usefulness and efficiency to fit within all Retail and POS environments.

The 3S 430 is a classical POS cash drawer with a removable spacer system for 8 types of notes and 8 types of coins. Two slots on the front side are used for receipts, cheques and removable inserts.

The peripheral features rounded edges and steel clips to hold down notes and is available in beige or in black.

The 3S 300 is a practical and compact cash drawer, ideal for small place POS outlets and applications; it is equipped with a plastic tray, including a special rack for 8 types of coins and a dedicated compartment for storing of 5 types of notes on edge (with removable vertical spacer system).

The 3ST 100 is a flip-top cash drawer which has been especially designed for large retail outlets and supermarkets. It contains no less than 8 coins departments and 6 notes inserts; available in beige or black, with a quality brushed stainless steel lid, it also feature handles for transport purposes.

Cash Drawers' Models 3S 333 3S 300 3S 430 3ST 100
Material Rugged steel with elegant shiny "black piano" front Sheet steel Sheet steel Sheet steel
Colour(s) Black & black piano front Black or beige Black or beige Black or beige
Top colour Black Black or beige Black or beige Stainless steel
Cash Tray Modular 6 notes (3 x 2) 
8 coins configuration
(plastic inner tray with removable coins' insert)
8 coins, 5 notes on edge 8 inserts for coins with removable trays
8 inserts for notes
9 coins, 6 notes
Power Supply 24V 12 or 24V 12 or 24V 12 or 24V
Key Lock yes yes yes yes
Interface RJ 11 RJ 11 RJ 11 RJ 11
Dimensions (mm) 335 x 110 x 350 300 x 120 x 445 410 x 110 x 415 460 x 99 x 170
Net weight 5 kg 5 kg 4 kg 3 kg

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