Parisian Michelin-star restaurant DIVELLEC selects MOREL CHR and AURES to upgrade its POS solutions.

DIVELLEC, the renowned Parisian restaurant founded by Jacques le Divellec in 1983, is a Michelin-starred temple of gastronomy devoted entirely to seafood. For over thirty years, it has seen French Presidents, prominent politicians and influential media figures pass through its doors.

Upon his retirement in 2013 at the age of 81, the culinary maestro handed over the reins of his establishment to a new management team comprising Isabelle Saglio and Philippe Grach, restaurant sector specialists and current owners-managers of L’Esplanade, and also young Michelin-starred chef Mathieu Pacaud.

The team recently called upon MOREL CHR to handle the installation of its new point-of-sale systems at the restaurant, for which AURES Group’s YUNO POS terminals were selected.

“We’ve known Frédéric Morel for over sixteen years”, explained Philippe Grach. “We have complete faith in his knowledge of our sector and we trust his recommendations entirely when it comes to systems management requirements for a restaurant of our calibre. 

The PHARE software platform on which DIVELLEC’s POS IT system is deployed has been operational for over 15 years and runs on Windows. It’s user-friendly, highly intuitive and has been certified by its publisher as complying with new tax regulations applicable from 1 January 2018.

The platform ensures comprehensive and seamless management in terms of both front-of-house and back office operations (payment process, reservations and table plan management, sharing of administrative and accounting data, as well as real-time forwarding of sales figures to managers’ smartphones , etc).

Powerful and reliable, PHARE has been set up to enable us to manage and make daily changes to our menus down to the very last detail. The same goes for our wine list, which currently boasts over 800 labels including a number of highly prestigious vintages.

Our client DIVELLEC has been completely won over by the AURES YUNO terminals”, commented Frédéric Morel, founder and Managing Director of MOREL CHR.

Everyone loves the sleek, ergonomic and ultra-integrable design of the AURES YUNO terminals ; the high reliability of the i3 processor is a major strength, as is the flawless seal and resistance to water and oil splashes, a frequent occurrence in kitchens and restaurants. The adjustable viewing angle of the touch screen is also a prized feature in our working environment.”

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