Le Boissy d'Anglas

French Cuisine by “Boissy d’Anglas”: with YUNO and MOREL CHR!

Right within the beating heart of Paris, between Madeleine and  Concorde, the BOISSY d’ANGLAS is the product of exceptional savoir-faire matched with consummate, timeless culinary expertise. Having reopened its doors last September, new owners Chef Francis Rousseau and wife Caroline, who previously ran Le Rousseau restaurant in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, make the establishment a worthy successor to the legendary “Tante Louise” (1929-1998), renamed “Loiseau Rive Droite” in August 1998.

The new managers have chosen MOREL CHR to install cutting-edge POS management and payment systems based on the AURES Group’s robust and reliable YUNO terminals. 


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