Sango at the Heart of Tea

"Kusmi Tea -  a premium tea brand  - has integrated  Sango into its EPOS equipment. By rolling out around a hundred Sango packs, Kusmi Tea has again entrusted AURES with modernising its EPOS management and payment receipt IT equipment. The Sango system is stylish, reliable and gives a good return on investment.

The layout and decor of our stores is a key factor in our point-of-sale marketing. Our look, avant-gardism, concept and distinctive identity on the premium tea market require it. The idea driving us is to convey strong, exclusive brand identity and visuals that do justice to our products’ originality. 

This approach also applies to our stores’ payment receipt points, which are strategic areas that should blend perfectly with Kusmi’s style and ambiance. This is one of the factors that encouraged Kusmi Tea to choose AURES’ Sango EPOS terminals, whose light, elegant contemporary design fits perfectly into the atmosphere of our stores.”

Interview with Bruno Contrepoids, Kusmi Tea’s Information Systems' Director

by Catherine Batteux - Chief Editor – Points de Vente (September 2015)


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